A family story

The history of Reda begins in 1865 and is intertwined with that of the Botto Poala family, which has guided the company in the production of exceptional Merino wool textiles since 1919.


Carlo Reda, an industrialist from the Piedmont region of Italy, transforms an old mill in Valle Mosso (in the Biella province) into a veritable wool mill. This marks the beginnings of Reda, which will become a in industry leader in Merino wool textiles

The Reda wool mill is acquired by the Botto Poala brothers, descendants of an historic textiles family, leading the company in the manufacturing of exceptional wool textiles and passing on their know-how from generation to generation

For the first time, Reda acquires wool from Australia to produce top quality fabrics. This marks the beginning of a relationship that, over the years, will ensure the company’s ability to offer the highest quality wool while fully respecting the environment and animals

Reda introduces an automatic warehouse that allows its textile manufacturing output to reach 2,500,000 meters per year.

Reda acquires its first farm in New Zealand called Otamatapaio where sheep that produce the finest quality Merino wool are raised.

To address the strong upturn in demand and exports, Reda opens a new mill in Valle Mosso.

Reda inaugurates new offices in Shanghai, confirming its leadership in Merino wool manufacturing even beyond the borders of Italy.

The fourth generation of the Botto Poala family assumes control of Reda. Ercole Botto Poala leads the company as CEO, supported in its management by his cousins, Francesco as COO, Fabrizio and Gugliemo.

Reda launches its first activewear apparel line, Rewoolution, offering high-performance garments for sports and leisure time, manufactured with full respect for the environment.

Reda Active is introduced. This fabric is created with the innovative CompAct³, a spinning system developed by Reda researchers that combines style and comfort with quality and performance

Reda announces the acquisition of Comero S.p.A., a mill located in the Vercelli province of Italy that follows the complete production cycle, aiming to widen the company’s offering and reach an even more capillary market penetration.