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Active Phase
Reda Active Spring Summer ‘20
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Sustainability, Transparency, Circularity

A focus on sustainability is at the foundation of all Reda processes and these efforts are highlighted through the company’s appreciation for people and respect for the environment.

Reda 1865

Reda 1865 Spring Summer 2020 Collection is a tribute to the concept of Téchne, viewed as beauty in the variety of its making and harmonizing the summer eloquence of colour with the “happy labour” of imagination. We can find a reference to the fascinating relationship between man and nature, which is at its best in the Story called Our Land, making us reflect on the importance to safeguard the environment and to resolve the conflict between mass consumption and the health of the planet.

Reda Active

Active Phase is a new offering from the Reda Active line that uses innovative PCM (Phase Change Material) technology, a system that interacts with the body and surrounding environment in order to maintain a constant body temperature. Reda Active Phase Change is the ideal choice for those who do sports and seek a high-performance fabric that is able to enhance physical activity while preventing sudden changes in temperature.

Reda Flexo

Reda Flexo is the new smart stretch fabrics, high performance, which combine innovation to the respect for the environment. Reda Flexo uses ROICA™ V550, a new generation polymer designed by Asahi Kasei Research and Development team, which represents a revolution in terms of sustainable and technological innovation as it combines the need for elasticity and comfort with the request for sustainability and respect for the environment: it degrades without releasing any harmful substances for the environment and is not toxic in contact with skin, ensuring comfort and safety for health.