100% Italian craftsmanship and traditional know-how respond to fashions in pure renaissance style to achieve beauty, innovation, state-of-the-art eco sustainable technology and complete safety in every step of production: these are musts for the Reda wool mill, which has based its production on values such as style, elegance and quality since 1865. This approach has made Reda the go-to company for the world’s leading fashion houses while its ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the entire production process has set a clear example of an eco sustainable business.

Today, after 150 year from the first weaving movement, Reda celebrates its 150 years of its history with an exceptional traveling exhibition, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, the global authority on Australian Merino wool. 150 represents a passionate visual narrative that portrays the soul of Reda’s wool mill in Valle Mosso, through the lenses of the best Magnum photographers: Olivia Arthur, Paolo Pellegrin, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mark Power, and Alex Majoli. The five influential photographers reveal the key aspects of textile art, in a tale of dedication, skill, and respect that spans 150 years, and still continues to inspire and drive the company today.

The photographs masterfully capture Reda’s balance between traditions of craftsmanship and technological innovation, focusing on the synchronization between expert hands and advanced industrial machinery, as well as yarn which travels to Biella from far-away Australian farms. At the core of the story, are Reda’s people: its long-standing collaborators, as well as the factory employees and management. Clouds of white wool, faces, landscapes, processes, and timeless gestures come together in the exhibition, illustrating Reda’s undying commitment to the elegant fabrics that arrive on the catwalks of the world’s leading luxury and fashion brands straight from Reda’s Biella mill.

The tactile and visual exhibition focuses on the Merino wool, yarn, and fabric in a sequence of exhibits, beginning with ultra-light clouds of Merino wool brought to life by the movements of spectators. The exhibit reveals the purity of the finest wool in the world, as certified by The Woolmark Company, which enjoys a strong relationship with the Valle Mosso manufacturer.

As part of Reda’s effort to encourage viewers to experience the pleasure of wool with their own hands, the fourth room features a fabric sculpture in the shape of a double ellipse. The cocoon-like installation invites exhibition-goers inside to feel the exquisite quality of the finished product first-hand.

"150" thus traces a unique story of beauty, skill, and innovation through the past, present, and future, paying homage to yesterday, with an eye on tomorrow.